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Bamboobies LogoWhat are Bamboobies?

Bamboobies are washable, reusable breast pads for the nursing mother. Bamboobies breast pads are better than disposable breast pads for so many reasons.

  • Bamboobies are very thin and don’t show through clothing.
  • Bamboobies are don’t leak and are very absorbent.
  • Bamboobies are incredibly soft on your boobies (perfect for new nursing mothers who have sore nipples).
  • Bamboobies are not cold when wet.
  • Bamboobies are organic – made with bamboo and organic cotton and hemp.

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Bamboobies are Cute

Bamboobies PinkBest of all, bamboobies are cute. I bet your icky sticky disposable pad can’t say that! Bamboobies are heart shaped, soft & sexy to the touch, and available in a variety of pretty colours.


Bamboobies Overnight

Bamboobies OvernightBamboobies overnight breast pads have superior leak protection when you need it most – at night. Or even during the day when you have heavy leakage.


Bamboobies Leak Protection

Bamboobies LayersBamboobies won’t leak through your clothing. They are made up of 3 separate layers to be soft against your breast, lock away moisture in the middle, and have a leak proof backing.

Hemp fabric makes up the inner lining of each bamboobies pad. Hemp is highly absorbant (up to 4 times more absorbant than cotton) and does not get cold when wet.

Bamboobies are Economical

If you were to purchase disposable pads for 9 months, using 2 pairs per night and day, you would rack up approx. $359!! And think about how much waste you are adding to the landfills? With Bamboobies you purchase them one time, no waste, and the reusable bamboobies multipack only costs $29.

Bamboobies are Organic

Bamboobies are made with bamboo and organic cotton and hemp.

Bamboo is a very earth conscious fabric – it is sustainable since it is fast growing and does not usualy require chemical pesticides to make a successful crop. As an added bonus – bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, breathable and is silky soft against the skin.

Hemp is also an organic fabric. Hemp does not deplete the soil to the extent that other crops can, it requires little water and does not require pesticides to grow successfully.

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How many Bamboobies

Wondering how many bamboobies you need?

A good guideline would be 2 sets for the day and 1 or 2 sets for the night.

Of course this depends on how much you leak and how often you desire to change them. Another thing to consider is how often you plan to do laundry. If you can wash them every day then 1 bamboobies multipack might be good for you, if you wash less frequently then you may want to consider purchasing more than one pack so you can do laundry less often and still have clean bamboobies to change into.