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Shrink Your Post-Pregnancy Belly!

Post-pregnancy tummy compression has been used for centuries by women around the world as a method of helping to get their mid-section back into shape. The Belly Bandit is a modern version of the post-pregnancy tummy wrap.

Wear the belly bandit all day every day for 6-8 weeks following the birth of your baby, only taking it off to shower.

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How Belly Bandit Works

The stomach, waist and hips have expanded due to pregnancy, this expanding process is assisted by a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin remains in your body for up to 8 weeks after pregnancy to help your body shrink back to it’s original shape. Belly Bandit works by applying a contant medical grade compression to the abdomen and hips which works in conjunction with relaxin to return your body to it’s pre-pregnancy size.

Benefits of Belly Bandit

  • Helps return your abdomen and hips to their original size.
  • Supports your back, adbomen and hips until your body regains it’s strength
  • Reminds you to use your core muscles

Belly Bandit Sizing

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