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Majamas is one of the best lines of Nursing Pajamas we could find! Soft and comfy, yet fashionable even for just lounging around the house. Majamas Pajamas are made for both maternity as well as for nursing. Pump up your wardrobe with nursing wear that goes beyond the 9 months of maternity and still fits great on your post-partum body while breastfeeding.

Don’t forget to pair a pair of Majamas PJ’s with one of their Nursing Bras made from organic materials for extra comfort and accessibility.

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Majamas Fabrics

Majamas uses a variety of durable fabrics that wash and wear well, which is good since you’ll be wearing these PJs a lot! They also have products that are using the more natural fabrics such as Modal (cellulose of beech trees) and Organic cotton.

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Majamas Nursing Openings

Majamas Nursing Pajamas offer many different styles of nursing openings for easy beastfeeding access.

PullDown_DiscreetLayerNeck pulls down under the breast. PullAside_DiscreetLayerV-neck cross-over that pulls across to the side of the breast.
PullAside_DiscreetLayerButton down neck that pulls across to the side of the breast. PullUp_DoubleLayerPulls up from underneath the breast.

Many of these styles have a discreet under layer for maximum breastfeeding discretion.

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