Mommy Necklaces - Justified

Mommy Necklaces are the perfect accessory for the breastfeeding mom, and perfect for an easily distracted breastfeeding baby. This is a nursing necklace designed with twiddling fingers in mind, using a special break-away closure as the clasp and using only beads that have been independently tested for lead and phthalates. This necklace is safe and durable for you and your baby.

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Best of all, it’s amazingly fashionable so you don’t have to compromize your style, it’s the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit whether you’re out with your baby or out with the girls!

Mommy Necklaces

Mommy Necklaces are made with durable acrylic beads that are manufactured and tested in the USA. They are curvy, polished, beautiful beads that are both eye catching and dainty.
Nursing Necklaces are also functional – a perfect distraction for a busy hip help child, giving them something to touch and twiddle when your standing in a lineup or browsing at the shopping center. Mommy necklaces dangling donut design lets your baby move the donut pendant around and is the perfect size for twiddling fingers.

BumbleWee Nursing Wear carries a variety of colours and styles from Mommy Necklaces:

Mommy Necklaces - Dangling DonutDangling Donuts 28” inch, these are the original Mommy Necklace. Made with a movable, dangling donut pendant. Perfect for a breastfeeding baby or a baby/toddler on the hip.

Mommy Necklaces - Simple StrandsSimple Long Strands 32” inch. This is a classic longer necklace with no pendant, but is accented with three smaller oval shaped beads.

Mommy Necklaces - Nourish NecklaceNourish Necklaces 34” inch, an appealing necklace for those babies who love to fiddle and twiddle. These necklaces aren’t designed for a night on the town are a must-have accessory for an innocently pinched mom.

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