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We were running low on some of our best selling products from Majamas but now we are not. We recently received a brand new shipment of our top selling Majamas Nursing Pajamas and Bras:

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Majamas Lacey MJ

The Majamas Lacey Cropped MJ

Our all-time best seller is back in stock. These are the perfect nursing pajamas for those fresh spring nights and busy days at home with your little one.

Majamas Margo PJ - BlackThe Majamas Margo PJ

These nursing PJs feature long sleeves and a long pant. They are perfect for night time feeding and are also so light and fashionable that you probably will never take them off!

Majamas Organic Easy BraThe Organic Easy Bra by Majamas

These are our best selling bras- The wireless design makes this bra the perfec every-day bra for wearing around the house.

We filled up sizes Small, Medium, and Large in both colors that we carry:

  1. Majamas Organic Easy Bra Black
  2. Majamas Organic Easy Bra Ivory

Majamas Celia Gown - ThymeNEW ARRIVAL! The Majamas Celia Gown

Nurisng gowns have been very popular and while we have couple longer styles, we were out of short nursing gowns. That was until now. This nursing gown is a new design from Majamas that is quickly becoming one of their best sellers. The knee length dress and sleevless top will help you stay cool while snuggling with your new baby. The feminine lace details adds the fashion punch you need when you need to pull yourself together in a hurry!.