Nursing Pajamas – Nursing PJs Are Your Most Essential Purchase

Majamas Margo PJ - CharcoalIn the beginning, while your body is healing, over-tired and stressed, you’ll likely be spending more time than usual in your PJ’s. You’ll need to have a pair of nursing pajamas that have convenient breastfeeding access since you’ll be needing to feed your baby often.

PullAsideNursing PJ’s typically aren’t designed with discreet under-layers like nursing tops because modesty is not usually an issue in the privacy of your own home. However, the lift-up (or pull-up) and pull-over (or pull-aside) openings are specifically designed to allow easy access to the breast without needing to lift your top from the waist up or fiddle with troublesome buttons.

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BumbleWee’s Most Popular Nursing PJ’s

Majamas Lacey MJThe Lacey MJ by Majamas

What can a little lace do? It made the MJ just a touch more feminine. You’ll love the Modal/Spandex combo of this nursing pajamas’ fabric making it soft and comfortable. These nursing PJ’s are a must-have for new mommas and it has breast pad pockets in the top to keep them from landing at your neck at night. Pull-aside nursing access makes those midnight feedings easy.

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