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Majamas Lace Sleepy Dress – Navy


Fully lined and beautifully fitting. You won’t want to keep this to yourself. Truly gives versatility a new meaning because you’ll find yourself wearing it out on a special evening and perhaps even wearing it to bed.

Majamas Organic Buxom Bra

Majamas Organic Buxom Bra – Black – Large Only


The Organic Buxom Bra from Majamas is made from Organic Cotton and Lycra. The soft cup does not put pressure on your breasts as an underwire bra can and therefore can help to reduce the occurence of plugged milk ducts that can occur.

Majamas Organic Easy Bra Black

Majamas Organic Easy Bra – Black


This bra gives an amazing amount of support for such a light weight bra. Wear it to bed or on those days when a structured bra is just too much. It’s perfect if you’re pregnant and ideal for nursing, but there is no need to be either to wear it. This is Majamas’ top selling bra for ALL women no matter what phase you’re passing through.

Majamas Celia Gown - Thyme

The Celia Gown by Majamas – Thyme – Small & Large


This nursing gown is a new design from Majamas that is quickly becoming one of their best sellers. The knee length dress and sleevless top will help you stay cool while snuggling with your new baby.  The feminine lace details adds the fashion punch you need when you need to pull yourself together in a hurry!.


The Genna PJ by Majamas – Black


Majamas improved this already popular PJ design in 2012 by adding discreet inner nursing panels and an awesome fit! These pajamas are comfy and easy access for night-time breastfeeding or just lounging around the house.