Bamboobies Light-Pink Multi-Pack


Our Bamboobies Light-Pink Multi-Pack includes:

  • 3 pairs of light-pink regular Bamboobies breast pads
  • 1 light-blue overnight pair of Bamboobies breast pads

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Bamboobies are washable, reusable breast pads for the nursing mother. Bamboobies breast pads are better than disposable breast pads for so many reasons.

  • Bamboobies are very thin and don’t show through clothing.
  • Bamboobies are don’t leak and are very absorbent.
  • Bamboobies are incredibly soft on your boobies (perfect for new nursing mothers who have sore nipples).
  • Bamboobies are not cold when wet.
  • Bamboobies are organic – made with bamboo and organic cotton and hemp.

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How many Bamboobies will I need?

Bamboobies multi-packs are designed to get you through one day. Of course, this depends on how much you leak and how often you desire to change them and how often you plan to do laundry. If you can wash them every day then 1 bamboobies multipack might be good for you, if you wash less frequently then you may want to consider purchasing more than one pack so you can do laundry less often and still have clean bamboobies to change into

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