Lunapads 2 Maxi Pad & Insert Set

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Classic Maxi Pads feature a leak-proof, absorbent core and removable Insert that can be changed throughout the day, to keep you feeling comfortable and dry.

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Includes 2 Maxi Pad & 2 Maxi Basic Insert

  • Pad Materials: 100% cotton / organic cotton flannel base, polyurethane laminate lining, 100% cotton / organic cotton fleece top layer, nickel-free, silver-plated brass snap fastening.
  • Insert Materials: 100% cotton / organic cotton
  • Ethically made in Canada
  • Machine wash & dry


How many Inserts do I need?
You can expect to use 1 Pad or Lunapanty per day, changing your Inserts 1 – 6 times, depending on how light or heavy your periods are. When your Insert becomes saturated, replace with a fresh, dry Insert. Multiple Inserts may be added (up to 4 at a time for very heavy flow) to help prevent leaks