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BumbleWee Nursing Wear Logo Welcome to BumbleWee Nursing Wear, Canada’s online store for breastfeeding clothing and accessories. We import brands from all around the world so you can shop in Canada for your favorite nursing tops, nursing dresses, even Breasfeeding pajamas and bras. Read more about BumbleWee Nursing Wear.

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Nursing Clothing Guide

Wondering where to begin, what to buy, what do you need? See our guided tour of nursing & breastfeeding clothing essentials. What are your options and how the different types of clothing might work for you.

See our Nursing Clothing Essentials Guide

Nursing Top Styles Guide

There are several different types of breastfeeding access through a nursing top or dress, and each style is good for different reasons. Learn more about the nursing style openings and which might work for you. Read our Nursing Top Styles Guide.

BumbleWee Brands

BumbleWee imports breastfeeding clothing and accessories from around the world into Canada so you can purchase direct from Canada and not worry about duty or high shipping costs. See the full selection of brands that we carry.