As you are aware, breastfeeding is agreed to be the best possible nutrition for your baby. Additionally, it also provides huge benefits to the mother. These are well documented facts. But did you know that breastfeeding is also green? Not only is it good for you and your baby, but it is the most organic and environmentally friendly way to feed your baby!

Breastfeeding is Good for the Environment

First, think about formula… its production, transport and packaging. The production of formula requires the raising of cows to produce the milk. Raising cows to produce milk usually involves hormones and antibiotics, leads to deforestation and contamination of water due to manure. Once the milk is harvested from the cows it needs to be processed into powder in a production facility. This uses a vast amount of energy, water, and releases harmful gases into our air. Once the formula is ready it is packaged into cans and transported to many locations. As everyone knows, transportation uses fuel and releases yet more pollutants into the air. Once the formula reaches the household and is consumed, the cans holding the formula are discarded producing yet more waste.

Now, let’s think about the production of breast milk. The mother’s breasts produce milk, simple as that. There are no harmful emissions during the production, no transport required, and of course, no discarded or wasted cans.

Back to formula… how do you feed that formula to your baby? You use nipples and bottles. These need to be sanitized each time using energy and water, and eventually these bottles and nipples are discarded as waste. According to an article in Mothering Magazine “Plastic feeding bottles, nipples, and pacifiers take 200 to 450 years to break down when disposed of in landfills sites”.

With breastfeeding there is no need to sanitize (saving energy and water), and again, no waste to be discarded.

Breastfeeding is Organic

Another problem with formula is that there are many ingredients other than the powdered milk that are added to the formula during the production process. Mother’s milk is 100% natural and perfectly fitted to baby. There are no potential contaminates such as pesticides, fertilizers or antibiotics involved in the production of mothers milk. However, all of these contaminates are usually involved in the production of the cow’s milk or soya used in formula.

See – breastfeeding is green!

Organic and Environmentally Friendly Breastfeeding Products

In addition to the actual act of breastfeeding, there are many organic and environmentally friendly products that can be used to support the breastfeeding mother.

Look for products that are made with organic cotton. “Organic cotton is cotton that is grown without pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified.” [wikipedia] For example, BumbleWee Nursing Wear carry’s a nursing bra made from organically grown cotton, the Organic Easy Bra.

Also, you can look out for clothing and accessories made from bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing renewable fabric source in the world. Also, it is generally grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. And for an added benefit, it is naturally anti bacterial and wicks away body odor! BumbleWee Nursing Wear carry’s the Nursing Button Top which is made from bamboo. Also, they carry Breastfeeding Bonnets for your baby that are made from bamboo.

So, just in case there weren’t enough reasons already, going green is yet one more reason to breastfeed your baby!